Talent Concept

Pragmatic, hard work and innovation, pursuit of excellence, top quality

Talent is the soul of enterprise development and competition. In Ledo, talents are the first resource, introduce and cultivate talents is the fundamental premise of our development. To respect the talent as the fundamental criterion for enterprise development,to promote common development between the enterprise and employees as the basic task of talents strategy. In the practice of human resource, Ledo used to provide sufficient stage for all kinds of talents and promote reasonable distribution of human resource. Meanwhile, continuously improve the human resources management level and talents comprehensive qualities through various effective ways, and promote the mutual development of enterprise and the staff, share the achievements and develop together.

Ledo keep to people-oriented as business concept, insist to unite people with wide development foreground, supply good career goals to motivate people. Through establish scientific and effective talent mechanism, create positive environment for the talent growth, provide every employee a sufficient stage to use their talents. Meanwhile, continuously creating personal development opportunities for all kinds of talents to get success and achieve self-value.

In employing, Ledo respects talents and creativity idea, and attaches more importance to achievement, ability and potentialities. Through establish fair competition mechanism and good cultural environment to stimulate the staff’s enthusiasm, initiative and creativity. So that the staff love the job and do their best, really achieve reasonable distribution of human resource.

Growing together: common development, sharing success

There is no business success without the efforts of staff; the success of staff is also based on the success of enterprise. Ledo always persist on growing up with staff and common development as talents development concept.Ledo encourages the staff to combine their development with company’s long-term planning, provide the staff with a variety of growth and development. As the stage for staff development, improvement and value achievement, Ledo has been trying to create good condition and broad development space for all staff. So that the staff can play their greatest potential and common develop with enterprise.

Ledo insists on concept of equality and cherishing talents. Everyone has no status difference, only different responsibility. The company respects the employee’s personality and the pursuit, encourage the employees to improve own ability and appreciate their achievement. At the same time, the development of company is for the staff and share the achievement, pay attention to company and employees both sides benefit, promote to cooperate with staff, create and share the value in the work. Finally, achieve common development and mutual success together.